Design Services:

At Aqua Dynamics we can take care of all your CAD/CAM requirements from design to manufacture to convert your ideas into reality. If you can provide a dimensional sketch or drawing, we will do the rest. However, if you already have a CAD system and can output a DXF file, then simply upload it here for an instant quotation. Other drawing files can be converted so a PDF, DWG, IGS or even Catia for 3D files are also acceptable; if you have any doubt please phone 01727 844077 to be sure we are speaking the same language.


The waterjet process will cut Fabric, Foam, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, GRP, Carbon Fibre Composites, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Steel, Stainless, Titanium, Tungsten, Ceramics, Stone, Marble, Granite, Glass; in fact just about anything you can think of. But the question that is frequently overlooked is can it be ‘Cost Effective’, to which the answer is very often Yes. However you will need to ask us to quote for your specific requirements; much depends on the nature of the part rather than its size or complexity, can the material be stacked – see below, what quantities are required and what accuracy can be expected? We will certainly provide you with the best solution for your material and aim to offer the most economic method to process it.

Material Supply Service:

Customers will frequently want to supply their own materials for financial as well as quality control purposes; however if required to do so Aqua Dynamics will supply as well as process the material for you. Common material specifications can often be sourced locally and save additional transportation costs.

Machine Capacity's:

We have two machines. The 55100 and the 5555.

The OMAX 55100 Jet Machining Centre

  • Table size of 10'6" x 5'5" (3200mm x 1650mm)
  • A cantiliver Y-axis on a bridge X-axis, with a motorized z-axis allows for material loading from 3 x open sides
  • A work envelope offering an X-Y cutting travel of 8'4" x 4'7" (2540mm x 1397mm)

Omax Waterjet

The OMAX 5555 Jet Machining Centre

  • Table size of 6'8" x 5'5" (2032mm x 1650mm)
  • A cantiliver Y-axis on a bridge X-axis, with a motorized z-axis allows for material loading from 3 x open sides
  • A work envelope offering an X-Y cutting travel of 4'7" x 4'7" (1397mm x 1397mm)

OMAX 5555 MotoZ withPump 04Stacking:

Looking at Laser – think again. The Water Jet has the significant advantage of being able to stack multiple sheets of material one on top of the other and then cut them all simultaneously. This provides considerable cost savings in loading/unloading the machine, subsequent damage to materials, part size variations, use of sacrificial materials and above all else – machining time. Even the hardest materials will benefit from this technique, but there will always be a situation where it is not convenient; certain composites will cut better as a single sheet but many of these materials are also not at all suited to the Laser process in the first place. 


Generally 2-3 days for most requirements – 24 hours if the heat is on.

Delivery / Collection Services:

Many of our customers will want to make their own arrangements, but any delivery charges will be quoted at the outset, postal and carrier services will usually offer a next day service and of course you are always welcome to call in person.


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