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  • The high quality alternative to laser cutting.
  • Cut sheet metal, stone, marble, glass and many other materials not suitable for laser.
  • Extremely high quality finish on all materials.
  • A comprehensive & unique subcontract Water Jet cutting & CAD design service.
  • 3D programming and machining capabilities.
  • We design & manufacture high quality natural stone inlays.
  • Utilizing industry leading OMAX technology.

Specialist Applications

Stone and Marble

Decorative Floor Work

Geometric patterns in Marble and other materials require a high degree of design and cutting accuracy if they are to be assembled successfully. Very often these are intended to have no grout lines so the parts must be prepared with a reverse taper to accommodate the adhesive film and present a perfect match at the surface. Dissimilar stone of varying thickness can also be accommodated in this way and metal, wood or composites can be used to enhance the effect.

Domestic Inlay

House names and numbers cut in polished Stainless Steel inlaid into Granite add a touch of class, and once again any combination of materials can be employed to give the desired effect. At ground level outdoor lighting features can be cut into blocks and pavers to create a light boundary for pathways, steps and driveways.

Commercial Inlay

Company Logos often in the threshold slab or entrance lobby can be created to satisfy the most demanding customers’ requirements; here the element of detail is usually higher with a lot of emphasis on design as well as a diverse choice of materials. These high traffic areas frequently demand Porcelain in a variety of colours and textures to create very large canvass with a seamless appearance encompassing furniture and fixtures in the design.

Surface Etching

For decorative purposes the WaterJet process is capable of surface etching harder materials to create decorative designs and images, this process may be limited by the complexity of the design and the texture of the material, for example Granite is popular but Marble will suffer from unevenness as a result of the variation in hardness in the veining. Surface reduction for thicknessing purposes may be employed when the part to be inlaid is very much thinner than the adoptive material.

Chamfer Cutting

The WaterJet process is also entirely suitable for edge chamfering; typically at 45Deg to accommodate an external corner without resorting to unsightly edging strips, it is frequently employed in tiling and stonework to create a matching surface that can be rounded and polished after bonding to give a completely seamless appearance where thinner materials can be fabricated into thicker structures. In the same way louver vents can be cut into windowsills to direct a flow of warm air over the glass to clear condensation; down lighting for steps and many other applications.

Anti Slip Grooving

For both decorative purposes as well as safety Anti Slip grooves can be applied to even the hardest of materials, often in porcelain for edge details on stair treads. Usually two or three lines wide these details can be just etched, or where the material thickness allows inlaid with metal strips as the customer prefers.

Swimming Pool Drainers

Designers are frequently turning to the WaterJet process to overcome the need to use heavy stone drainer panels that don’t always match the surrounding floor area for overflow pools. This can be overcome with the use of the identical, often porcelain tiles bonded to a reinforcing Stainless Steel backing and WaterJet cut as one piece. Aqua-Dynamics has considerable experience in the manufacture of both reinforced and conventional style drainer panels, please phone to discuss your requirements or forward a layout for further information.

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