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  • The high quality alternative to laser cutting.
  • Cut sheet metal, stone, marble, glass and many other materials not suitable for laser.
  • Extremely high quality finish on all materials.
  • A comprehensive & unique subcontract Water Jet cutting & CAD design service.
  • 3D programming and machining capabilities.
  • We design & manufacture high quality natural stone inlays.
  • Utilizing industry leading OMAX technology.

Cutting Type Comparison

Conventional 3 axis (CNC) machining options:

  • Routing
  • Laser
  • Plasma
  • Flame Cutting (Oxy-Fuel)
  • Wire Erosion (EDM)
  • Milling

Comparison with Competing Technologies

Abrasive Water Jet versus EDM

EDM strengths:

  • Extremely precise parts (+/- 0.025mm)
  • Very thick parts (more than 300mm)
  • Tapered parts

AWJ strengths:

  • Five to ten times faster (for parts less than 25mm)
  • No heat-affected zone
  • Good in non conductive materials (glass, plastic, GRP etc)
  • Pierces material without pre-drilling
  • Larger working area

Abrasive Water Jet versus Laser

Laser strengths:

  • Rapid cutting of thin non-reflective materials
  • Highly accurate parts (+/- 0.025mm)
  • ‘Polished’ cut edge

AWJ strengths:

  • Accuracy the same as Laser but in much thicker materials
  • Parts up to 180mm thick in almost any material
  • No heat-affected zone to prevent secondary operations
  • Can machine reflective materials

Abrasive Water Jet v Routing

Routing strengths:

  • Lower capital equipment cost for the same size work area
  • Vacuum work holding system
  • Edge profile cutting with special form tools
  • 3D profiling from flat sheet without re-positioning

AWJ strengths:

  • Better utilisation of material - cut path (kerf) only 0.8mm wide allowing for 2.5mm part spacing - typical routing kerf 12 / 16mm, greater for thicker materials
  • Only one ‘cutter’ required for all materials, no tool carousel
  • No dust collection or disposal requirements
  • Very well suited to Stainless Steels for the Sign Industry
  • Cuts fabric based composite materials with a clean undamaged edge

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