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  • The high quality alternative to laser cutting.
  • Cut sheet metal, stone, marble, glass and many other materials not suitable for laser.
  • Extremely high quality finish on all materials.
  • A comprehensive & unique subcontract Water Jet cutting & CAD design service.
  • 3D programming and machining capabilities.
  • We design & manufacture high quality natural stone inlays.
  • Utilizing industry leading OMAX technology.

Waterjet FAQ

Q) What materials can be cut with an Abrasive Water Jet machine?

A) Almost anything at all with the possible exception of Toughened Glass (cut first and toughen after).

Q) Does the water damage the part?

A) No, the velocity is so high it won’t even get wet (unless the water in the tank is splashed back on the underside).

Q) How small part can be cut?

A)  Less than two or three mm square.

Q)  How large a part can be cut?

A)  Size is only limited by the work area of the machine.

Q)  How thick can the part be?

A)  Up to 180mm in many materials.

Q) Is the edge of the part damaged by the process?

A)  No there is no stressed or heat affected zone and often no burr.

Q)  Is it a competitive process?

A)  Yes, with genuine machine tool accuracy, no additional cost in jigs and fixtures and only one cutting ‘tool’ it is often quicker for low volume parts.

Q – Do I have to consider finish machining?

A – No, more often than not the WaterJet process is accurate enough for finished parts leaving a lightly etched surface on the cut edge.

Q – Can the WaterJet cut 3D parts?

A – Yes, with Omax 3D software and a Dynamic Tilting Head mechanism the machine can be programmed to produce angular, curved and chamfered components.

Q – Can Materials be cut with depth control?

A – Yes, to a limited extent harder materials can  be surface etched for decorative or control purposes.


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